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Used Kids Bikes

Here at Mr Bike we stock a wide variety of used kids bikes in Newark which are versatile and lightweight, each designed specifically for small children with the same attention to detail as top adult bikes. Whether you need a child-friendly bike for early learning or 24-inch bicycles for the experienced 8-11 year old – we always have something to suit all children cycling needs.

All of our used kids bikes are available to test ride in our Newark store and a free sizing and fitting service can be provided before purchase to make sure the bike is comfortable for your child to use.

Used Kids Bikes in Newark

Used Kids Bikes In Newark

Whatever age your child may be, we ensure to stock a wide range of used kids bikes in Newark to give you a great selection to choose from.

Kids Bike Sizing in Newark

Sizing Service

Before purchase we can size and fit the bike to your child’s specifications to ensure a more smooth and comfortable ride.

Bikes Servicing and Repairs in Newark

Fully Serviced

Our used children’s bikes are rigorously tested, repaired and serviced on site before going up for sale for the utmost safety.

Kids Bike Test Ride in Newark

Test Ride

We offer a wide variety of sizing from 12-18” for the 3-6 year olds right up to the 24” for the 8 – 11 year olds and your child can test ride any bike there and then!

Looking for a used kids bike in Newark?