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Collector’s Bikes

Here at Mr Bike we stock a variety of collectors bikes in Newark ranging from vintage village bikes to classic road bikes. Each of our used collector bikes have been fully-serviced and repaired in-house by our expert servicing team to restore them to their former glory. They are restored to such a high standard that they are actually fully-functional if you want to ride them! And of course look incredible if you just want to use them on display, most of our collector’s bikes have a great story behind them as well so be sure to ask our friendly team about the bike’s history.

Feel free to vist our Newark store and take a look at our range of collector bikes or alternatively feel free to speak to one of our cycling specialists on 07535859590.

Collectors Bikes in Newark

Collector’s Bikes In Newark

Whether you want a restored collector bike for a great showpiece or want one to ride, we have fully-restored collector’s bikes in working order.

Restored Collector Bikes in Newark


We perform all of our bike restorations and testing on site, making sure that each collectors bike is fully-restored with the utmost care.

Collector Bike Servicing

Trade-In Available

Don’t forget we offer bike-trade ins so you can sell us your old bike to reduce the cost of your chosen collector’s bike.

A Piece of History

Owning a collectors bike is like owning a piece of history, as a hobby it is always a great conversation starter and we know each bike’s story.

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