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Bike Trade-Ins for Cash or Credit

Here at Mr Bike we offer a bike trade-in service in Newark which gives you two options. Firstly we can simply give you cash on the day for the value of your bike or alternatively if you have your eye on one of our quality used bikes then we can give you credit for the value of your current bike towards the cost of buying the new bike. Whichever option you choose we have a simple 3-step method which allows us to ensure all of the used bikes we buy have full traceability so you can rest-assured that we only sell top quality bikes which are not stolen.

Once we have purchased your bike, our specialist team of mechanics then get to work cleaning it up and making any repairs necessary before it then goes on sale at our shop – it’s the circle of (bike) life!

Bike Trade-In Service Newark

How it works

Whenever you come to Mr Bike looking to trade your bike in for cash or credit towards a one of our used bikes, there are just 3 simple steps.

1. Proof of ID

When trading in a bike we will always need a copy of your photo ID.

2. Photograph with Bike

Along with your photo ID we’ll also need to have a picture of you taken with the bike.

3. Cash or Credit

Once sold we can offer you cash on the day or credit towards one of our used bikes.

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