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Bike Servicing

Here at Mr Bike we pride ourselves on our specialist team of cycling mechanics to offer expert bike servicing in Newark. We provide a number of different options and packages which can be seen below, each designed to offer an all-encompassing service to keep your bike fully maintained.

Our bike servicing works very similar to what you’d expect from a car garage in which you’ll drop your bike to our service centre where our team of professionals will get to work whilst you wait or come back later. If at any point we find issues with anything that’s not road-safe we will call you and advise on the best options available and a breakdown of costings before replacing any parts etc. We stock a wide range of new and used parts so can offer a variety of price options.

Bike Servicing in Newark

Bike Servicing Packages

Our bike servicing packages are designed to help keep your bicycle maintained and road-safe throughout the year. Please note any parts required are charged in addition.


  • Bike Wash
  • General Check and Clean


  • Bike Wash
  • Replace Pads, Blocks & Cables if Required
  • Index Gears


  • Bike Wash
  • Strip Down Bike
  • Replace Worn Parts, Reassemble, Grease & Lube
  • Personal Adjustment
  • Index Gears
  • Chain Replacement if Required
  • Replace any Worn Drive Chain Components

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