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Bike Repairs

Here at Mr Bike we offer specialist bike repairs in Newark to ensure no matter what issue your bike is facing, we can get it fixed and get you back on the road or track in no time. We know how irritating it is when your bike isn’t working properly and so bringing it into our team of specialists will get any issue taken care of and we can offer a range of price-points due to the fact we can offer quality used or new parts depending on your personal preference. In certain instances a quality second hand part works just as well as a new part, but at half the price!

So if your bike is facing any sort of issue then be sure to bring it into our expert mechanics to take a look. Many times the bike simply needs a clean to get rid of excess dirt etc clogging up vital areas of the gears and so a simple clean in our bike wash is all that is required! However if the issue needs more care and attention we will advise on the best options available and at a cost which best suits you. We will always call you before making any decision and updating parts etc so you are always in control of your bike repair.

Bike Repair in Newark

Bike Repairs In Newark

We know how irritating it can be when your bike becomes damaged or faulty and is why we have a dedicated bike repair team on-site at our store in Newark. No matter what issue your bike is facing we will be able to fix the problem and replace with either new or quality used parts depending on your budget.

Used Bike Parts in Newark

Quality Used Parts

Our quality used parts make a cost-effective solution to most issues to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

New Bike Parts in Newark

New Parts

If you prefer to have new parts used then we stock a wide variety of top brands to ensure only the best service on your bike.

Bike Servicing in Newark

Servicing Available

If you’re bringing your bike in to be repaired then having a service at the same time will ensure it’s road safe after repair.

Need your bike repaired in Newark?